Certiport has Learning Products and Practice Tests
Preparing your students for certification is a big responsibility! Certiport makes your job easier and more effective with acclaimed course materials and practice tests. We want to give you and your students an opportunity to try out our learning resources to find the best fit for you. Click the links below to request your free 90-day learning products trial!
The best preparation for Certiport’s certification exams includes the use of official practice tests from GMetrix. 
Students will feel confident once they have taken multiple practice tests in both training mode (not timed, immediate feedback given after each question) and in testing mode (timed, replicates the certification exam environment). Students receive a printable score report highlighting areas that require further review. 
Teachers enjoy the online administration and tracking tool of the GMetrix platform and the ability to create custom tests using the GMetrix test bank.
GMetrix is available for ALL of Certiport's certification offerings. Click here to request a free 90-day GMetrix trial.
LearnKey is a premier global provider of on-demand education and employability training solutions. LearnKey offers engaging, video-based ecourses that are conveniently hosted on the GMetrix platform. Project-based learning lessons, workbooks with hands on activities, and auto-graded quizzes reinforce learning. 
LearnKey is available for Microsoft Office Specialist (2013, 2016, Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook 2019), Microsoft Technology Associate, Adobe Certified Associate (CS6, CC15, most of CC18/CC19), IC3 Digital Literacy, IC3 Spark, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, QuickBooks Certified User, and Communication Skills for Business, and some CompTIA. Click here to request a free 90-day LearnKey trial.
Jasperactive by CCI Learning, is a cutting-edge learning system for the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Jasperactive is applicable for all learning styles, can be accessed anywhere, and provides freedom to learn at any pace.
Jasperactive offers a prescriptive learning pathway that begins with a benchmark assessment. Based on those results, the platform creates lessons, quizzes, and other various exercises. Includes GMetrix practice tests! Available in English and Spanish.
Jasperactive is available for Microsoft Office Specialist (2013, 2016, and Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Word Expert/Excel Expert 2019). Click here to request a free 90-day Jasperactive with GMetrix trial. Already have GMetrix for your MOS program? Then click here to request a free 90-day Jasperactive add-on trial.
Brain Buffet publishes the popular ACATestPrep and MOSTestPrep online training material, all hosted conveniently on the GMetrix platform. ACATestPrep provides fun and engaging video-based tutorials for Adobe Creative Cloud products. Content-rich, real world projects allow students to train by practicing using the software. Self-paced learning allows students to learn at their own rate to ensure they fully grasp the concepts and gain the skills necessary to pass the certification exams.
Brain Buffet materials include ACATestPrep (ACA, CS6, CC15, and CC18/CC19), and MOSTestPrep (Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2016). Click here to request a free 90-day Brain Buffet trial.
The MSI (Moore Solutions Inc) cloud-based courses align with exam objectives and address your State DOE course frameworks. With MSI, students are assessed every step of the way, reducing exam day surprise. Grades can be exported from the LMS into your school district or institution-grade book. The curriculum lives in the cloud, so teachers can assign homework to students, even if they don't have the course software on their home computers. In-app grading for MOS and Adobe courses will be available this fall!
The MSI trial will include access to courses for Microsoft Office Specialist (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook 2016), Adobe Certified Associate (CC15), IC3 GS5 Digital Literacy, IC3 Spark, and Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Courses coming this fall: MOS 2019, ACA (CC18/19), MTA (Networking/Windows OS/Security Fundamentals), and QuickBooks Certified User (Desktop). Click here to request a free 90-day MSI trial.
Pearson offers world-class certification prep content online on the GMetrix platform.
New, foundation-level courses based on the popular Adobe Press “Learn Adobe” series are designed specifically for ACA test preparation. Includes text, video, quizzes, and full instructor resources.
Pearson also offers video-based courses for three programming MTA titles, that include a full range of exercises and assessments. Developed by world-renowned experts for students with no previous experience on the topic.
Pearson courses on GMetrix are available for Adobe Certified Associate (all CC18/CC19) and for Microsoft Technology Associate (Intro to Programming using Python/HTML & CSS/Java). Click here to request a free 90-day Pearson trial.
TeachMe3D is a complete training tool developed by educators to teach AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit Architecture, and SolidWorks. 
TeachMe3D offers a unique platform for teachers that has been proven to engage students and encourage retention. Courses seamlessly integrate with existing curriculum and allow teachers to focus on giving personalized attention to students. Courses are available for both middle and high school students, the high school Autodesk courses align completely to the ACU certification exam objectives.  Each lesson is broken into three parts:
1. Lecture - video instruction and concept understanding
2. Demonstration - skill development through completion of hands-on, guided tasks
3. Activity - concept and skill reinforcement through independent activities
TeachMe3D is available for Autodesk Certified User (AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit). Click here to request a free 90-day TeachMe3D trial.
CADLearning offers the most comprehensive library of Autodesk learning content in the world. Goal-based learning paths are available for all Autodesk Certified User and Autodesk Certified Professional programs. Lessons are atomized to focus on just one concept or feature per video, providing digestible microlearning that is immediately actionable, leading to better knowledge retention. Includes a software plug-in with contextual lesson suggestions as you work in the Autodesk program. Includes access to weekly office hours with CADLearning staff for teacher questions and answers.
CADLearning is available for all ACU and ACP programs. Click here to request a free CADLearning trial which will end on June 30, 2020.
The Unity Certified User courseware, developed by Unity and published on the GMetrix platform, provides a structured, self-study program that includes everything a student would need to tackle the Unity Certified User Programming exam. In about 20 hours, students will learn the Unity platform, C# programming and game development fundamentals by following the hands-on production of multiple working projects in both 2D and 3D including:
  • 12 video-based modules with accompanying text references for key concepts
  • 3 distinct, complete projects with associated assets to complete in the Unity Editor
  • Embedded challenges and quizzes to reinforce learning
Unity Certified User courseware is available for Unity Certified User. Click here to request a free 90-day Unity Certified User courseware trial.
Code Avengers is a premium provider of online interactive learn-by-doing courses for grades K-14. These self-directed courses will guide students step-by-step as they create tangible games, programs, web pages and web apps all within their web browser. Junior courses (K-7) are designed with iPads and tablets in mind!
Teachers can view student progress in real time and have the ability to view auto-graded results of student performance anywhere and at any time. In addition, there is a suite of other tools that support both in-person and online classes. 
During the 90-day trial, you will have access to:
  • 200+ hours of online course content
  • Access to 100+ quizzes and projects
  • Online support and consultation
Code Avengers is available for courses aligned to Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certifications for Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Click here to request a free 90-day Code Avengers trial.
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